​Ryan and Abby have both recently died, but somehow are still on Earth. Unable to cross over and stuck in limbo, the unlikely pair set out on a road trip to help Abby find her family to say goodbye. Along the way, they cope with their new situation and make amends with their past lives.

Little Miss Sunshine meets Ghost

​Marketing intern Murphy has 15 minutes left to set up their company booth at a technology tradeshow. Of course, nothing goes as planned. Inspired by true, minimally exaggerated events.


kevin l. lee
film PRODUCER  •  screenwriter  •  critic


​When an inventor is on the cusp of developing the first clone of himself, he is suddenly visited by his clone from the future, who arrives with a bizarre request.


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Tonight might be the night Michael and Aly take their relationship to the next level, but Aly has a secret. The original short film that inspired the TV pilot for Me & My Vampire Family.​​

Two men are at a museum together and debate over the merits of the artworks they see. As the day goes on, more and more hidden feelings are unveiled.


12 pages | Horror, Romantic Comedy

I'm Glad To Have Met You

12 pages | Science Fiction, Drama

Me & My Vampire Family (Pilot)

35 pages | Horror, Comedy, Drama

Still on Schedule!

12 pages | Comedy

​​My Life in Purgatory

111 pages | Comedy, Drama


10 pages | Drama

​Michael and Aly have been dating for about a month when finally her secret gets out; she's a vampire. The two struggle to maintain their strange relationship while finding themselves pulled into a community of eccentric but dangerous biters. While some are doing their best to make a living, others plan on making their existence known to the human world.

​Let the Right One In meets F.R.I.E.N.D.S