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Eli, Briefly

In post-production | Drama

Written and directed by Eric Yang

Produced by Kevin L. Lee

Dr. Anna Bloom struggles to survive the emotionally heavy workload of being a veterinarian. One day, the arrival of a new intern and the emergency surgery of a former patient might just break her.


14 minutes | Horror, Romantic Comedy

Put to Sleep (working title)

In pre-production | Drama

​​Option C

7 minutes | Comedy


Written and directed by Celine Sutter

Produced by Kevin L. Lee

Young, newly successful actor Eli loses their keys after blacking out at their friend Gray's birthday party. Told in an invasive time structure, the film follows Eli the next day as they visit people from their past in order to get a spare set, while piecing together what happened the night before. Through the process of reckoning with Gray and seeing their mother, Eli is forced to face their past self and confront their self-destructive behavior towards the people closest to them.

follow me

Written and directed by Valeria Contreras

Produced by Kevin L. Lee

​A modern-day tale of two star-crossed lovers, separated by a global pandemic and the US-Mexico border.

Written and directed by Yasmeen Gholmieh

Produced by Kevin L. Lee, Yasmeen Gholmieh

​A young woman has a chance encounter with her middle school bully.


15 minutes | Drama​​

*Official Selection — El Paso Film Festival 2022

*Official Selection — LA Latinx Film Fest

*Official Selection — Texas Short Film Festival

*Official Selection — New York Shorts International Film Festival

*Official Selection — Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase


Written and directed by Kevin L. Lee

Produced by Aurora Real de Asua

​Tonight might be the night Michael and Aly take their relationship to the next level, but Aly has a secret...